Food Safety AND Food Security


Well-established quality assurance and integrated managementsystems

As manufacturing & distribution company, we are fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of the food that we produce and distribute.


We select only the highest quality raw materials in order to deliver safety food ingredients. We have food safety and hygiene management systems in the production process from raw materials to final products.

Our food safety and hygiene management systems are well-standardized and every employees make the best effor to produce only high-quality ingredients.

ISO 9001


We have acquired ISO9001:2000 for Hokkaido plant (2002) and head office (2003) in order to consistently deliver safe and secure food ingredients.
We have also obtained ISO 9001:2008 in 2013 for head office, Kanto plant and Hokkaido plant). Acquiring international certificate for quality assurance enable us to deliver the highest quality and safety products.



Food Additive GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)


We have acquired the Food Additive GMP from the Japan Food Additives Association in November 2010.
The Food Additive GMP is the recognition system certifying manufacturing practices and final product quality. We are dedicated to control raw materials, final products and sanitary management in accordance with Food Additive GMP on a daily basis.