About OEM products

OME stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing, meaning that we can produce your private brand products in our factories.
Our products are produced under a fully certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
We are committed to deliver consistently high-quality services to meet your specific requirements with our research and development strategy and technologically-advanced produciton lines.
We are always ready to help every one of our customers.

Lactic acid bacteria fermenentation and powderization
Powderization of food ingredient, seasoning, animal /   vegitable extracts
Production of protein hydrolysate from animal and vegitable
Production of extracts from animal and vegitable
Milling and mixing food ingredients and seasonings
Development and production of functional food ingredient
Purification of individual amino acids

How to proceed OEM planning and development

We promiss to make every effort to support you developing and producing value-added quality products.
We also offer scientific research information helpful for your product planning and development.


To meed your needs

Research and development department :

 We have various analytical instruments and laboratory apparatus for basic experiments for product development.
Food Technology Room :

 Small-scale test production can be operated at our Food Technology Room.
 Hydrolysis reaction, concentration, electrodialysis, resin column, filtration, freeze-drying

Inquries for OEM

If you would like to receive a quotation for our OEM production services or more information, please contact us.