Management principle


A tremendous amount of underutilized resources can be obtained by agricultural and marine products processing.
These materials contain natural umami flavors and functional components.

Cosmo Foods has developed an exciting array of value-added quality food ingredients and functional food ingredients by means of hydrolysis reaction, extraction, concentration and purification.
Cosmo Foods has developed an exciting array of high-quality and safety products from "underutilized resources".
We are committed to deliver tasty and natural food ingredients as user-friendly and environmental-friendly company.

Founder Hiroshi Okada

Company profile


Trade name Cosmo Co., Ltd.
  Year established / founded 1969
Capital fund 52.1 million yen
and CEO
Noriko Okada





5F 1-11-2, Ningyocho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 103-0013
Tel: +81-3-3249-0390 Fax: +81-3-3666-2165

Kanto plant


581, Yanadacho, Ashikagashi, Tochigi-prefecture, Japan
Tel: +81-284-72-0390

Hokkaido plant


1-14-8, Higashimemuro Kita, Memurocho, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido, Japan, 082-0004
Tel: +81-155-62-0390

Scope of business


1. Manufacture and sale of natural seasonings・seasoning blend (HAP, HVP, Enzymatically hydrolyzed products and fermented products)
2. Manufacture and sale of functional food ingredients
3. Chemical products (ingredients for cosmetic products and improving agent for fabric)
4. Import and export sales for other food ingredients
5. Original equipment manufacturing

Company history


1969 November
Foundation of Cosmo Chemical Co., Ltd.
1974 May
Changed the company name to Cosmo Food Co., Ltd.
1975 June
Began commercial operation of Kanto plant
1991 January
Began commercial operation of Hokkaido plant
1999 July
Hokkaido second plant established
1999 August
Hokkaido third plant established
2002 January
Acquired the ISO9001:2000 certificate (Hokkaido plant)
2003 February
Acquired the ISO9001:2000 certificate (Head office)
2005 September
Completed Food Technology Room in Hokkaido plant
2006 April
Hokkaido new third plant established

2008 November

Received the Hokkaido governor's award for new technology and new product development (Adzukinomoto)
2010 November
Acquired Good Manufacturing Practice for food additives by Japan Food Additives Association (Hokkaido plant)
2012 November
Received the Hokkaido chairman's award of Hokkaido Institution of Invention and Innovation (Adzukinomoto)
2013 December Acquired the ISO9001:2008 certificate (Head office, Kanto plant, Hokkaido plant)